The Freedom to Work When You Want, and How You Want

Tegan Virtual Office is a premium virtual office solutions provider in Katy Texas, catering to the needs of Small Business Owners and local branches of larger corporations. We provide customized virtual office solutions that save you time and money, allowing you to concentrate on running the key aspects of your business while projecting a strong, professional image.
Our team of passionate, trained and capable bilingual staff, modern equipment and technology are available for your use – when and how you may require.

→ Functional Virtual Offices  | Live Phone Answering  | On-demand Meeting & Conference Rooms  | Complimentary Services

Tegan Virtual Office is a great value alternative to having a full-time office and can be set up easily. We are ideal for start-ups, small and home-based businesses and those looking for risk-free expansion into new markets.

To find out how we can meet your virtual office needs with services and amenities that allow you to focus on growing your profits, contact us at 281-945-4925, 888-945-4660 or email us at